How to read noise levels – dB(A)

How to read noise levels – dB(A)

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(Photo credit: hearinghealthfoundation.org)

We often have customer inquiries regarding the sound level that we list for our coolers and freezers. We would therefore like to explain how we measure it and what this means.

How we measure dB(A)

The sound level listed for our units is the average sound measured over time, typically during a complete cooling cycle. This means that there will be short periods of time during operation of the cabinet, where the sound level is slightly higher or lower than the number supplied in the technical specifications.

The sound level is measured at 1.2 meters height and 1.2 meters distance from the cabinet.

What does it mean?

At TEFCOLD, the noise level of our products is ranging from our absorption minibars at 0 dB(A) to our large, open front multidecks at 55 dB(A). If we take a look at the scale from the Hearing Health Foundation, this means that all our products are listed below the average office noise. Even the open front multideck at 55 dB(A) blends in at the same level as customers talking or background music (60 dB(A)).

In other words, the products are perfectly safe to be around, but we are of course always striving to develop products with as low a noise level as possible to care for your hearing.